Why I Blog

I’ve been asked recently why I blog. My answer is the same since I started blogging back in 2006. I blog for three reasons.

  1. I figured out a problem/issue I was having and want to share the knowledge. If I had the problem/issue, someone else will and hopefully google will link to my post and help them when they are searching. What I’ve also experienced is someone reads my post and comments with a better and/or more efficient solution. I then can link to their comment/post or update my own. I love that sense of community.
  2. I will use a different part of my brain to write the post and, therefore (hopefully), remember the solution better next time this particular problem/issue arises.
  3. I want to store the solution online, not only on my local computer (aka isolation), so that I, and others, can reference it in the future.

I DO NOT blog because I think it will make me popular or because I want to seem smarter than anyone else. I enjoy learning and sharing information.

Jason Meridth


My name is Jason Meridth. I am a continuously learning senior software developer/devops/team lead/development manager trying to not let best be the enemy of better. I reserve the right to change my mind upon obtaining more information. I am also the owner and principal software consultant at Meridth, LLC. If you have any software, hardward, networking, process, etc needs please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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