TMUX Cheat Sheet

Install TMUX

sudo apt-get install tmux

personal config file is at ~/.tmux.conf

change prefix to ctrl-a instead of default ctrl-b (easier on my hands)

unbind C-b
set -g prefix C-a

Outside of session

  • tmux list-sessions List all sessions
  • tmux list-keys List all key bindings
  • tmux list-commands List all commands
  • tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf Reload TMUX conf file
  • tmux a -t session_name Attach to named session

Inside of session

  • Ctrl-a, new -s session_name Create new named session
  • Ctrl-a, c Create new window
  • Ctrl-a, , Rename window
  • Ctrl-a, w List windows
  • Ctrl-a, l Move to previously selected window
  • Ctrl-a, n Move to next window
  • Ctrl-a, p Move to previous window
  • Ctrl-a, d Leave session
  • Ctrl-a, s List sessions - default, if not mapped elsewhere
  • Ctrl-a, ? List all keybindings
  • Ctrl-a, % Split into vertical panes
  • Ctrl-a, ” Split into horizontal panes
  • Ctrl-a, {or} Switch between panes
  • Ctrl-a, KeyUp Switch to pane above
  • Ctrl-a, KeyDown Switch to pane below
  • Ctrl-a, KeyLeft Switch to pane to the left
  • Ctrl-a, KeyRight Switch to pane to the right
  • Ctrl-a, space Make each pane equal sizes
  • Ctrl-a, s Sync sessions - what you type shows in all mapping

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