Studying for RHCSA/RHCE Exams

Update: I had to put this on hold due to a job switch and haven’t studied any further or signed up for an exam again - 1/6/2015

I have decided to finally get the RHCSA and RHCE certifications. RHCSA stands for Redhat Certified System Adminitrator and RHCE stands for Redhat Certified Engineer. The reason I decided on these exams is for 2 reasons:

  1. They are not multiple choice. You sit at a kiosk with VNC and are given a live RHEL (Redhat Enterprise Linux) instance and are given issues to fix (aka Real World)
  2. A stepping stone to me finally taking my Linux knowledge/skills seriously.

My current study guide:

RHCSA/RHCE Study guide by Michael Jang

Also my friend, Major Hayden suggested I look at the objectives list for each exame (RHCSA objectives and RHCE objectives) and ensure I study those items.

Please note, I’ve been using linux for 17 years. I’ve managed multiple systems to hundreds of VMs. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

NB: I currently have Ubuntu as my native OS on my laptop, but am feeling out other distributions including Linux Mint and Fedora

Jason Meridth


My name is Jason Meridth. I am a continuously learning senior software developer/devops/team lead/development manager trying to not let best be the enemy of better. I reserve the right to change my mind upon obtaining more information. I am also the owner and principal software consultant at Meridth, LLC. If you have any software, hardward, networking, process, etc needs please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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