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Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster - Part 1

07 Apr 2018 » » kubernetes, raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi Kubenetes Cluster - Part 1

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This is going to be the first post about my setup of a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster. I saw a post by Hart Hoover and it finally motivated me to purchase his “grocery list” and do this finally. I’ve been using Minikube for local Kubernetes testing but it doesn’t give you multi-host testing abilities. I’ve also been wanting to get deeper into my Raspberry Pi knowledge. Lots of learning and winning.

The items I bought were:

Here is the tweet when it all arrived:

I spent this morning finally putting it together.

Here is me getting started on the “dogbone case” to hold all of the Raspberry Pis:

The layout

The bottom and one layer above:

The bottom and one layer above

And the rest:

3 Layers

4 Layers

5 Layers

6 Layers and Finished

Different angles completed:

Finished Angle 2

Finished Angle 3

And connect the power:


Next post will be on getting the 6 sandisk cards ready and putting them in and watching the Raspberry Pis boot up and get a green light. Stay tuned.