Personal VIM Cheatsheet

Originally posted on 03-03-2014 and continually updated

Will be adding to this post as I learn/remember shortcuts

  • . - repeat last command in normal mode
  • @: then @@ - repeat last command entered with : source
  • # - find all occurances of the word I’m currently on
  • dfc - delete everything including the letter ‘c’
  • dtc - delete everything up to the letter ‘c’
  • :e! - reload current file (typically after doing a git pull)
  • :b# - go back to previous buffer
  • shift+h - go to top of screen
  • shift+m - go to middle of screen
  • shift+l - go to bottom of screen
  • ctrl+v [h|j|k|l] - highlight individual items (great for highlighting column(s)
  • gUiw - capitalize the current word
  • gUU - capitalize current line
  • vU - capitalize current character
  • guiw - lowercase the current word
  • guu - lowercase the current line
  • vu - lowercase current character
  • [num]j - go down num lines from current line
  • [num]k - go up num lines from current line
  • ctrl+O - jump back to previous (older) location in file info
  • ctrl+I - jump forward to next (newer) location in file info
  • ctrl+w + [H,J,K,L] - move current window to the far left, bottom, top or right

keybindings I use all the time via mappgings in my .vimrc

  • ,v - create vertical split
  • ,h - create horizontal split
  • ,= - reset split to equal sizes after parent window resizes
  • ctrl+j - go to split below/down
  • ctrl+h - go to split on left
  • ctrl+k - go to split above/up
  • ctrl+l - go to split on right

With the jedi-vim plugin installed for Python:

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