OnePlus 5

I’ve had a Nexus 6 for the last 2 years and was finally due for a phone upgrade. I went through a pretty good fiasco with Google store trying to purchase a Google Pixel XL earlier this year so I decided to wait for the One Plus 5 (release late June). I ordered it the first hour it was announced.

Features that I’m loving:

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB hard drive
  • dash charge
  • USB C
  • OxygenOS (Android fork)
  • headphone jack
  • fingerprint authentication
  • dual camera (allows for portrait mode) 16 MP
  • front camera 16 MP
  • Dual SIM support

More detailed specs can be found here

Features I’m adjusting to:

  • no Google Phone app install allowed
  • no Google Contacts app install allowed

I’ll adjust to those over time.

I did entertain the iPhone 7 for a bit also but am not a fan of iTunes. The iPhone integration with Google apps has gotten much better since the last time I looked though.


Jason Meridth


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