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GParted instead of Partition Magic

13 May 2007 » »

I’ve used Partition Magic for years.  I unfortunately lost my bootable CD and have hesitated purchasing the software again.  I went to CompUSA this weekend to look into purchasing it again and was asking the rep where I could find it.  As I was asking, I just muttered, “I wish there was a free open source alternative to this.”  The rep said, “Have you heard of GParted?”  I started a little smirk.  I asked him, “Is that an open source alternative to Partition Magic?”   He said, “Yep.”  I left CompUSA, went straight home and downloaded GParted.

It is a 30 Mb ISO image and, when burned to CD, is bootable.

If you’ve used Partition Magic in the past, this is no different.

Screen shots coming soon!


Christopher Bennage: Oddly enough, that encourages me to shop at CompUSA.