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Gotcha with Gitosis and python-setuptools

Today I decided to upgrade my slicehost slice from Intrepid Ibex to Lucid Lynx (Intrepid → Jaunty → Karmic → Lucid). Yeah, yeah, I’m a little behind. Anyways, It upgraded just fine. However when I was trying to push code to my gitosis instance (which I installed over a year ago), I got the following stack trace:

This told me that I had been using python-setuptools for python 2.5. A little googling and praying that I wouldn’t have to roll back to the snapshot I took before I started the upgrade (Thank God!), I found the solution. I went onto the gitosis slice, cloned the gitosis repository:

and then ran the setup again:

and it fixed the issue. Did I mention how much I love google. Hope this helps someone else.


kathleen s.: HI–This is about your blog on removing the Hard Drive of a Dell Dimension 3000. I think its closed for comments now, but I wanted to thank you for posting how to do it or I would’ve been lost. I am a technotard. Thanks again.

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