For those annoyed with having to add the public keyword to your new classes....

Read the following blog entry from David Hayden.  This teaches you how to update the class template that Visual Studio 2005 uses to create new classes.

I know this is old, but it seems to come up a lot as a pet-peeve of friends and colleagues.

Hope this helps someone.


joeyDotNet: Who still uses VS2005 templates? :P That’s sooo pre-ReSharper. :) But seriously, ReSharper File Templates are much easier to create and much more powerful.

Jason Meridth: I still communicate with newbies who won’t purchase ReSharper and still code in VB.NET. This is for them. I completely agree with you though. When are you going to Simpsonize your photo? We will cordially do it for you. :)

joeyDotNet: Oh my! No ReSharper AND VB?!? Those poor guys. :P (kidding, mostly)

john doe: test