Free downloadable programming fonts created by programmers for programmers.  A cool site.  I’m still choosing my favorite.

Proggy Fonts

After reading Ayende’s blog about GetHashCode file about the pitfalls of GetHashCode. 

I’ve coded it in a Java class but have yet to apply it anywhere else.

I don’t believe I’ve used any objects as keys in my applications.  I mainly use value objects.  From a friend, I’ve heard that .NET automatically prevents collisions by doing chaining (if two objects have the same hashcode, the values are link-listed off that key)

Hash collision resolved by chaining.
Hash collision resolved by chaining.

Image borrowed from Wikipedia

I recently read a good post by Joey.NETTemplates.

Worth the read if you are a ReSharper user or are looking for a development tool to speed up your process.

ReSharper is my tool of choice currently.