JM (Jason Meridth)

JM (Jason Meridth)

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10 Apr 2024

Get To Know You Template

I’ve been onboarding at GitHub for a few weeks now. I’ve been meeting a lot of new people and trying to get to know them. I’ve been using a …
26 Mar 2024

New Job: GitHub

I have landed a new gig at GitHub. I will be a Senior Software Engineer on the GitHub OSPO (Open Source Program Office) team. I am super …
26 Mar 2024

GitHub Contribute URL

I sometimes get asked what is the best way to contribute to an open-source project. If the project is hosted on GitHub, there is a helper …
05 Jan 2019

Gocode Vim Plugin and Go Modules

Update: My friend Eli Uriegas let me know that you don’t need gocode anymore since vim-go has autocompletion. I tested it out and he is …
28 Dec 2018

Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster - Part 4

Raspberry Pi Kubenetes Cluster - Part 1 Raspberry Pi Kubenetes Cluster - Part 2 Raspberry Pi Kubenetes Cluster - Part 3 Raspberry Pi …