Copying Text With Mouse In TMUX

TL;DR Hold down shift key and select text with left mouse button. This will copy to clipboard. Then hold down the shift key again and click the middle button on your mouse. Voila!

Long version: After finally moving over to Ubuntu as my native operating system, I've been using the default Terminal application for development. I run my weechat IRC session on a remote node in TMUX so I can detach/reattach at will and stay connected. I'm using ZNC as my bounce also in case the tmux session or weechat crashes. This means it stays connected and will replay anything I missed while disconnected. Anyway, I have had issues with copy/paste in the Terminal app, especially when my development sessions are in TMUX. I've been using Ctrl+Shift and selecting text and it has been working, but has been adding a newline on the end when I use Ctrl+Shift+V (paste). Hodling down the shift key was the trick. Hold down the shift key and select text with left mouse button. This will copy to clipboard. Then hold down the shift key again and click the middle button on your mouse. This will paste the text WITHOUT a newline.


Getting a Canon MX450 Series Working With Ubuntu 14.04

Today I needed to scan something on my Canon MX450 series printer from my laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I had already setup the printer portion successfully with the built in network printer detection, but hadn't done the scanning portion. I found out I needed to download a deb file and install something called scangearmp to get this to work. The download button can be found here. As of this post I'm download version 2.10 which was last updated on 14-Feb-2013, Issue Number 0100517701. Once downloaded issue the following commands:

tar xzf scangearmp-mx450series-2.10-1-deb.tar.gz
cd scangearmp-mx450series-2.10-1-deb/
sudo ./

This will install the scangearmp binary to /usr/bin/scangearmp.

Now all you need to do is run:


If you see the following popup:


then you just need to push the "Update Scanner List" button and it should find your scanner. After that you should see the same popup but now with your Canon MX450 scanner listed.


Hope this helps someone else.

Restarting Audio in Ubuntu After Issues

The following command restarted audio for me in Ubuntu after my microphone on my headphones stopped working.

pulseaudio -k && sudo alsa force-reload

Credit to:

I Finally Have Linux As My Native OS

I finally replaced OSX on my Mac with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Out of the box I've had no issues. Wireless, VPN, Terminal, Dropbox, Google Drive, LastPass, etc all work. I was spending more time in my Vagrant VMs with OSX anyway. Loved VirtualBox + Vagrant. Never had an issue. I just wasn't using any portion of OSX. It is nice to troubleshoot any issues and tweak my setup. I'm getting used to Unity and may drop it for Gnome3 and Gnome-Do. We'll see. Any new things I troubleshoot or find, I'll post on.

Learning Android Development

I've decided to take the new Coursera Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1 to see if it can give me more insight past the "Intro to Android" tutorials I've already done before. There are subsequent classes after this one, so we'll see how it goes. I plan to blog after each assignment to get my thoughts out and anything interesting I've learned.

Why I Blog

I've been asked recently why I blog. My answer is the same since I started blogging back in 2006. I blog for three reasons.

  1. I figured out a problem/issue I was having and want to share the knowledge. If I had the problem/issue, someone else will and hopefully google will link to my post and help them when they are searching. What I've also experienced is someone reads my post and comments with a better and/or more efficient solution. I then can link to their comment/post or update my own. I love that sense of community.
  2. I will use a different part of my brain to write the post and, therefore (hopefully), remember the solution better next time this particular problem/issue arises.
  3. I want to store the solution online, not only on my local computer (aka isolation), so that I, and others, can reference it in the future.

I DO NOT blog because I think it will make me popular or because I want to seem smarter than anyone else. I enjoy learning and sharing information.

When Git or SSH Protocols Blocked

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Recently I had issues connecting to Github because of some firewall restrictions outside my control. The firewall had outbound SSH (port 22) blocked. My co-worker Justin Hammond found a git config option that lets you force all git commands to use https:// (port 443) instead of git:// (port 22).

git config --global url."https://".insteadOf git://

Worked like a charm. Thanks Justin. Hope this helps someone else.

NB: Don't use --global if you don't want this applied to all repositories. Without it only sets for the current repository you're in.

Weechat keyboard shortcuts

I've switched from using irssi to Weechat since I rejoined the ranks as a Racker.

Here is my current weechat.conf file

Some of the ones I use often:

  • ctrl+h - window left
  • ctrl+j - window down
  • ctrl+k - window up
  • ctrl+l - window right
  • ctrl+z - window zoom (make current small window full screen)
  • ctrl+n - next buffer
  • ctrl+p - previous buffer
  • ctrl+y - clipboard paste
  • ctrl+r - search
  • ctrl+[j|m] - stop search

normal commands not included with my weechat.conf that I use:

  • /window resize - resizes window to that percentage
  • /buffer clear - clears the buffer, i use this often with the highlight monitor plugin
  • /buffer merge - merges two buffers into one (use ctrl+x to switch between them)
  • /buffer unmerge - unmerge the buffer you're currently on out to its own

Where I Go To Choose An Open Source License

I go to to refresh my memory on open source licenses. MIT is usually my favorite.

A good resource, in my opinion

How to Get The SHA of The Last Commit on a Branch With Git

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I've been asked this a few times and have had to do it lately a few times.

To get the SHA of the last commit from a specific branch, use git rev-parse

git rev-parse origin/master (remote branch)


git rev-parse master (local branch)